Council workers equal pay appeal

Oliver McMullan. INLT 46-319-PR
Oliver McMullan. INLT 46-319-PR

East Antrim Sinn Fein representative Oliver McMullan has called for equal pay for all Mid and East Antrim manual council workers.

Mr McMullan believes that all manual workers in departments across the entire council structure should be on the same pay scale.

Mr McMullan said: “I have recently met with a number of workers who have told me their present pay scales and conditions and it is very clear that there is a significant difference in pay scales that has left some manual workers in Larne on a lower pay scale compared to workers in Ballymena and Carrick who do the same job.”

Mr. McMullan went on to say that he supports a “harmonisation” plan to ensure equal pay for workers.

One employee told the Times that since April 2016, he has received £2,000 less after some staff lost a shift allowance for unsocial hours and had a basic payment cut.

A spokesperson for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council said: “M&EA is currently in the process of conducting a full review and restructure of all positions. This process is being completed in full consultation with staff and their trade union representatives, however until their roles are reviewed, staff will remain on their existing contractual terms and conditions.

“Rates of pay for roles within council are determined by job evaluation and applicable whether the role is permanent or temporary.”