Council to get £43,078 funding

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Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will get an additional £43,078 funding as part of the Rates Support Grant after Environment Minister Mark H Durkan announced an extra £700,000 funding for all councils for the current financial year.

This follows on from the minister’s announcement in January that there will be no reduction in the Rates Support Grant for councils in the next financial year 2016/17.

Mr Durkan said: “I am now able to allocate a further £700,000 to the rates support Grant budget this year. This further amount, coupled with £2.1million already distributed to councils in October 2015, is good news for councils and ratepayers. This follows on from my announcement in January that I have, despite a large cut in the DOE budget, found the money to protect the level of the Rates Support Grant payable to councils next year. This £700,000 will be further welcome news for councils.”