Council skips to the loo awards awards

LARNE Council will be represented at the UK Loo of the Year awards in Birmingham on Friday, December 2.

The local authority earned five-star ratings for each of 12 public conveniences entered in this year’s awards and can now claim to be the sixth-best council in the UK for toilet provision.

Two years ago, Larne was ranked 19th.

Members of the policy and resources committee commended the staff responsible for maintaining the lavatories and Cllr Brian Dunn proposed that one of them should accompany a senior officer and a member of council at the ceremony.

“I think we should show these people that we appreciate their hard work,” he said.

Cllr Mark McKinty, who described the awards as “encouraging”, asked if the loos at Browns Bay had been included in the council entry. Chief executive Geraldine McGahey replied that there was “still some work” required to bring them up to standard.