Council lobbies for facilities at Ballycarry station

LARNE Borough Council is lobbying for improvements at Ballycarry rail station.

As well as a park-and-ride facility which would mean local people do not have to drive to Whitehead to catch the train, the local authority is also asking for facilities to help cope with the 50,000 tourists who are expected to visit the Gobbins cliff path when the multi-million project is completed.

Mayor Bobby McKee joined council chief executive Geraldine McGahey at a meeting with Translink executives to put the case.

And when Transport Minister Danny Kennedy met the council recently, Mrs McGahey told him the authority would be grateful if he could encourage his officials to work closely with council officers.

Cllr John Mathews underlined the importance of the rail link to both the Gobbins and Larne town. He said he welcomed the recent introduction of modern C4000 trains on the line, adding that he was disappointed it coincided with proposals to reduce train services.