Council hopes to find a solution to St Cedma’s land issue


Fresh concerns have been raised over Larne Borough Council’s plans to sell a portion of land to St Cedma’s Church.

The local authority agreed in 2008 to a request from the Select Vestry at St Cedma’s to acquire over half-an-acre of land to construct a new parish hall and parking spaces.

The council also agreed to the vestry’s request for vehicular access to the rear of the war memorial.

However, the Royal British Legion is opposed to the plan, as it feels the proposed access route is too close to the memorial.

The matter was discussed during a confidential session at the latest meeting of Larne Council’s development committee in Smiley Buildings.

Minutes from the meeting state that chief executive Geraldine McGahey presented elected member with two possible options for a way forward.

Firstly, the council could allow the church to proceed with their planning application and allow the British Legion to formally object to the road layout.

The alternative was for the council to bring the parties together to try and mediate a solution.

Members elected to pursue the latter option “in order to prevent further delay in the transaction and to maintain good relations between the two bodies”.

A site meeting is to take place between representatives of the relevant parties to discuss the current plans and attempt to alleviate the Legion’s concerns.