Council ‘failure to liaise’ blamed for bonfire damage

Bill Adamson
Bill Adamson

Community worker PUP representative Bill Adamson says that Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s failure to liaise with Boyne Square residents has been blamed for damage caused to a synthetic sports pitch at Old Glenarm Road in Larne.

In a statement, Mr. Adamson said: “The community at Old Glenarm Road would like to make it clear that this bonfire has been on this particular site for a number of years.

“It is placed on a concrete plinth put there by Larne Borough Council.

“Mr McMullan is quite right in saying that protective boarding was placed all along the perimeter of the fence as it has been in previous years. Unfortunately this year due to the failure of Mid and East Antrim Council to liaise locally with the bonfire committee, the measures taken were not appropriate.

“Because of the council’s failure to liaise with the Fire Brigade to dampen down the boards before the bonfire was lit, they actually allowed their own boards to cause the damage as these went up like tinder.”

A Mid and East Antrim Borough Council spokesman said: “We are aware of damage at sporting facilities in the Old Glenarm Road area of Larne.

“Council is currently investigating the matter.”