‘Consider other suppliers’ – Beggs

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East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has urged electricity users to consider using alternative suppliers, after Power NI announced an 18 per cent increase in prices.

The Ulster Unionist representative said the increase would be a “major blow” to many struggling consumers.

He added: “It is time that consumers consider other suppliers as Power NI, who supply 80 per cent of consumers, are continuing to maximise their profits, restricted only by the tariff limit set by the utility regulator.

“I would urge all electricity users to look for savings by considering the charges of the different electricity suppliers.

“The Consumer Council provides a price comparison table and also good independent advice on switching suppliers. It is now easier than ever to switch suppliers.”

The other electricity suppliers are expected to set out their future cost soon.

Mr Beggs concluded: “It is also important to minimise our energy usage by turning off unnecessary lights and appliances.

“Consumers should also examine billing options as savings can be made irrespective of supplier.”