Community group to spruce up Larne town centre

Overhanging vegetation on Larne's Point Street. INLT-32-716-con
Overhanging vegetation on Larne's Point Street. INLT-32-716-con

A local community group has decided to tackle Larne’s weed problem at the root by taking matters into its own hands.

Members of the Larne Renovation Generation decided to take action after observing overhanging weeds and unwanted vegetation in the town.

Group founder Andy King says a team of volunteers now plan to cut down overhanging vegetation protruding from derelict sites and buildings to spruce up the town centre.

“It’s making the town look a bit down at heel, especially when it’s growing out of derelict buildings and sites,” said Andy.

“It’s important to keep the town tidy, especially if the council wants to attract tourism. Most of the sites are privately owned so we have decided to deal with the issue ourselves as no-one else is taking charge.”

Andy says that he and other members of the Larne Renovation Generation would support plans being considered by the Department of Finance to control derelict buildings.

“Legislation should be implemented as soon as possible, especially in areas such as Dunluce Street which look like they are going to fall down,” he stated. “Council should be offering an incentive for businesses to return to that street to aid its regeneration.”

A council spokesperson said its Environmental Health Department “does not have any specific statutory powers available to deal with such vegetation growing onto public footpaths”