Community group strives to breathe new life into village

Glynn. INLT 03-318-PR
Glynn. INLT 03-318-PR
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Ambitious new proposals designed to help regenerate Glynn and revive community spirit in the village have been unveiled.

Glynn Community Group, which was set up earlier this year, have been working in partnership with Larne Borough Council, Larne Community Development Project and North Antrim Community Network to come up with ways to enhance the village and help boost economic development.

The community group, which consists of volunteers who live in the area, hopes to build upon the success of the Jubilee celebrations which took place in Glynn last summer and use it as a springboard for future projects.

And a village plan has now been published outlining the community’s various long and short term priorities.

Local residents were closely involved in the shaping of the proposals through a detailed consultation process.

The plan has highlighted a number of issues within the village that the community group seeks to address, including a perceived lack of opportunities for young people.

To that end, the group is seeking the introduction of play equipment for children at Jubilee Park, a shelter for teenagers, and a multi-use games area.

The need to improve the economic potential of the area was also underlined, with the group pointing out that there is only one business in the village other than Larne Rugby Club.

The lack of community facilities is another issue, with the group stating: “The village only has two community facilities – both of which are not of a modern standard.”

Other issues that the plan seeks to address include housing, roads, the environment and tourism.

Some of the short and medium term priorities include additional parking spaces at Hawthorn Grove, and improvements to footpaths and signage.

Meanwhile, one of the long term aims includes the provision of further street lighting between Glynn and the traffic lights on Bank Road.

But the village plan also reveals that the community group feel there is apathy in Glynn and that it is often difficult to gain interest and enthusiasm from many local residents.

It added: “The group feel at times they do not have the strength in terms of numbers to lobby for needs within the village.

“The hope is that the newly formed group will build capacity within the community to take ownership of village needs and lead to a more proactive community.”

The village plan is part of the North East Region Rural Development Programme, which is designed to improve the quality of life in rural areas.

The programme is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.