‘Clean up after Killylane’s reservoir dogs!’

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Concerned walkers and anglers have kicked up a stink after dog owners have been hesitant in cleaning up dog waste at Killylane Reservoir.

A number of people who use the local beauty spot for recreational purposes, have contaced the Times to voice their concerns, after a recent upsurge in the amount of dog waste littering the banks of the water.

Terrence-John Wilson from Ballyclare uses the steep banks of the reservoir as part of his hill-climbing training regime, and feels that dog owners should be more respectful of other reservoir users.

“I have been going to the reservoir for over a year now, and the problem of dog fouling has continued to get worse.

“When the weather has been good, more people have been taking their dogs to the area, but unfortunately not all of them have cleaned up after their pets, which has caused a bit of hassle for other people wanting to enjoy the reservior and its surroundings,” commented Mr Wilson.

Killylane Reservoir is a private reservoir owned by NI Water, which has been opened up for the public to walk around it and enjoy the scenic views. It currently does not have the same amenities, such as litter bins, that a public park would have.

There is a routine maintainance programme in place at the reservoir, which contributes to the day to day running of the facility. This involves routine clean-ups of the site, as well as other maintance duties such as grass cutting.

In a statement to the Times, NI Water encouraged dog owners to be respectful of the site so that everyone could enjoy the reservoir.

“NI Water depends on the common sense and goodwill of those using the site to treat it with respect and leave it in the state they found it,” it said.

“It is a shame that the selfish acts of a few irresponsible dog owners are impacting on the enjoyment of the many who visit the reservoir.

“NI Water would urge dog owners to keep their pets on leads and clean up after them,” the statement conlcuded.