Church asks for land to be revalued

ST Cedma’s Church has asked Larne Council for an updated valuation on a portion of land adjacent to the town’s War Memorial, which it agreed to sell to the church three years ago.

The site was previously valued by the District Valuer at £60,000, but St Cedma’s feels this figure was set at the height of the property boom and would not be worth as much in the current market.

The church has also requested that the local authority reconsiders its decision to offer the proposed right-of-way behind the War Memorial under a 25-year lease, asking it to be offered in fee simple as an alternative.

At the latest meeting of the Development Committee in Smiley Buildings, elected representatives were told that the Select Vestry of St Cedma’s has sought advice from the Church of Ireland’s legal department, and determined that a 25-year lease was “unacceptable” to the Church authorities.

The council agreed in principle to seek an updated valuation on the portion of land, and to give further consideration to the lease on the right-of-way when legal advice was received.