Calls for all-Ireland promotion of Glens

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East Antrim MLA Oliver McMullan has called for an all-Ireland marketing campaign to promote tourism along the Antrim Coast and Glens.

The Sinn Fein representative urged Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster to do more to attract visitors to the area.

Mr McMullan said: “As an area of outstanding natural beauty, there is massive potential for the growth of tourism in the Antrim Coast and Glens.

“Yet this is being under-resourced by the Enterprise Minister.

“The potential of events such as the Giro d”Italia to reach a global audience needs to be built upon before the opportunity is missed completely.

“I am however concerned that visitor numbers are down and this is the second successive year we have failed to show any increase in overseas holidaymakers.

“A major reason for this failure is due to the futile attempts by the Minister and the Tourist Board to promote the North as if it were a stand-alone entity.

“All-Ireland promotion and marketing should be the focus of a fresh tourism strategy as people see Ireland as a single entity.

“It is time those charged with promoting and developing our tourism sector recognised the reality that the Glens and Antrim Coast can attract not only foreign visitors but others from the rest of Ireland.”