Cairncastle WI elects committee

Outgoing president of Cairncastle WI Maureen McGaughey welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the autumn session, especially Elizabeth Gray, from Muckamore, chairperson, and tellers, Marjorie Hamilton and Joan Gray.

Members voted for the new committee: Margaret Beck, Iris Hagan, Jean Hunter, Jackie Johnston, Annette Linton, Janette Lynas, Sharon Morrow, Mary Rainey, Freda Thompson, Sheelagh Walsh, with Mary Rainey being elected as president.

The winner of the AAM Cup was Pat Hunter, withJ anette Lynas second. Joint third were Anita Maxwell, Annette Linton and Janet Ledsham. The Rosemary Carson Trophy for a knitted doorstop was won by Pat Hunter.

The monthly competition of three raspberry and white chocolate scones was won by Sharon Morrow; joint second Pat Hunter and Jean Hunter.