Cairncastle ladies given a snip of hairdressing tips

President Maureen McGaughey welcomed everyone to the November meeting of Cairncastle WI, particularly new member Margaret Colquith, proposed by Sheelagh Walsh seconded by Freda Thompson.

Nessie and Mary gave an interesting report about the Autumn Council.

The meeting was then handed over to Liam and Debbie from Shek who informed everyone about the world of colouring. thirty years ago the hot topic was perming but hairdressing and the products have progressed so much. The guests answering many and varied questions from the audience, 20 of whom were rewarded with goodie bags, while Debbie won the ballot.

Liam and Debbie judged that the competition for a “fascinating fascinator” - won by Janet Ledsham, with Pat Hunter second and Leona McClelland third .

The meeting was concluded with the Countrywoman’s Song.