Trade show opens doors for translation agency

REPRESENTATIVES from a Larne company have been promoting their business at the world’s biggest medical trade show.

Stealth Translations, based at LEDCOM on Bank Road, is an international translation agency set up by Larne couple Stephen and Grace Weir.

The firm has a team of translators working across the globe, helping its clients expand into different countries. The team translates between 140 different language combinations spanning from regular mainstream European languages such as French and German, to highly exotic rare languages such as Zulu, Fijian and Greenlandic.

Specialising in a number of different fields including the medical industry, the company provides services to over 150 clients worldwide.

And in a bid to increase their exposure and expand their potential client base, Stephen and Grace travelled to Düsseldorf last month for the annual MEDICA trade show. The event attracts over 137,000 visitors every year and features more than 4,000 exhibitors.

Stealth Translations was one of the few Northern Ireland companies to attend the show, and 29-year-old Stephen said it was an incredibly worthwhile trip.

He added: “The show was held at a huge trade fair ground called Dusseldorf Messe. The scale of it was just unbelievable - it would take around an hour-and-a-half to walk from one end to the other.

“There were companies there from all over the world and we came away with between 400-500 new leads on different medical companies, so all in all it was very useful indeed.”

Stephen took part in the Go For It programme in 2004 before going on to establish his own web design company. The business changed about three years ago and became Stealth Translations, with his wife Grace as stepping in as co-director. They are clients of Invest NI, as well as members of the NI Chamber of Commerce and the Irish Exporters Association.

“We aim to employ another two workers in the Larne area in 2012,” Stephen concluded.