MP urges reduction in cost of Access NI checks

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EAST Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has urged Justice Minister David Ford to reduce the cost of Access NI checks for job seekers.

Mr Wilson has expressed concern over the cost of these checks especially for those in search of employment,

“A number of constituents have been in touch with me regarding the cost of Access NI checks.

“For some jobs, these checks are compulsory, but they come at a cost of £30.

“As a one-off, this is a high enough fee for someone who is seeking employment and not in work. But because a check is only valid on the day on which it is issued, this creates a serious financial problem for those who are applying for a number of jobs which require a check,” the Finance Minister said.

If someone needs four, five or more checks, this becomes a very heavy

financial burden.

“I have been in touch with the Justice Minister to highlight these

concerns. In England and Wales, ‘portable checks’ have been introduced

which mean that people do not have to re apply for checks as they move

between employers.

“I am calling on the Minister to introduce the same in Northern

Ireland so that the administrative and financial burden can be reduced

but checks can still be reliable. I look forward to action being taken

to help those who are seeking work.”