Leaflet gives tips on wise use of workplace water

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NI Water recently teamed up with the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI) and the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR) to launch a new Water Efficiency Leaflet for Larne businesses.

The leaflet aims to increase awareness among the business community of the measures that can be taken to conserve water in the workplace.

Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy MLA said, “Everyone has a responsibility to use water wisely and prepare for the winter months.

“By taking just a few minutes to look at this advice on how to use water more economically and by taking some simple steps to avoid burst pipes, businesses could function more efficiently, save on operational costs, and help the environment.”

The advisory leaflet also includes useful information for businesses on how to protect properties against the cold weather.

The devastation caused by a burst pipe or interruption to supply can result in a business losing essential water or even months of trading while the damage is repaired, not to mention the loss of vital income, time and customers.