Executive makes changes to the way tenants pay their rent

The Housing Executive is changing the way its tenants can pay their rent and rates.

Housing Executive tenants now have a range of options to pay their rent including, Paypoint, online, by telephone, direct debit, standing order, or in cash or by cheque in Housing Executive accounts offices.

From April 1, tenants will however no longer be able to pay their rent at the Post Office or at Payzone outlets.

A Housing Executive spokesman explained: “We are introducing a range of options to make it as easy as possible and convenient for our tenants to pay their rent and rates, as well as ensuring the collection of rents is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

“Through Paypoint our tenants will benefit from an extensive number of outlets spread throughout the province or they can pay their rent online from the comfort of their homes.

“In addition, tenants can now pay their rent by telephone via our partner Allpay. Allpay’s automated telephone service, 0844 557 8321, will mean tenants can pay their rent at their convenience 24 hours, seven days a week by debit or credit card.

“Our tenants can continue to pay by a direct debit or standing order from their bank accounts. They can also pay their rent in person by cheque or cash at their local Accounts office.

“Our staff in our accounts offices are available to assist tenants in finding the most suitable payment method for them, including advice on where their nearest Paypoint outlet is.”

This month new rent payment cards will be issued to tenants who have to make payments for their rent which they can use at any Paypoint outlet, paying online, by cash, or by telephone.

Housing Executive staff in the local accounts offices are also specially trained to advise and assist tenants who are experiencing difficulty paying their rent through a range of options, including:

l Agreeing an installment plan to repay arrears;

l Giving advice on Housing Benefit, Rates Relief and other benefits that they may be entitled to;

l Arranging for payments to be taken from certain benefits or from tenant’s salary, with their employer’s approval;

l Referring to Citizens Advice Bureau or other advice agencies for specialist money advice.