Data retrieved in search for gas and oil

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OIL and gas exploration company InfraStrata has announced the completion of a second seismic survery in East Antrim.

The firm which recently joined forces with BP in the search for viable deposits under the Lough Neagh Basin licence area - from Larne to Antrim - had commissioned specialist operator Tesla to collect new data using vibreosis seismic technology over the last three weeks.

InfraStrata revealed that a total of 111 kilometres of 2D seismic data was acquired along a series of 12 individual lines traversing Newtownabbey, Carrickfergus and Larne.

The contract for processing the seismic data has been awarded to Fugro Seismic Imaging, whose work will be completed during September.

The data adds to information collated in a 288k survey during 2011.

Andrew Hindle, chief executive officer of InfraStrata plc, said: “The new survey will enable the project partners to refine their evaluation of the petroleum prospectivity of the licence area.

“We are very pleased that this recent survey was completed by Tesla within the anticipated time frame. Tesla and InfraStrata are extremely grateful to all third parties affected by the seismic programme for their support throughout the data collection period. The company will now review the data with project partners, and stakeholders will be fully consulted on future plans.”