£14.5k campaign to show Larne as great place to shop

Woodsides in Larne. INLT 07-340-PR
Woodsides in Larne. INLT 07-340-PR

LARNE Council is to carry out a new promotional campaign aimed at showcasing the town as a “great place to do business, visit and shop”.

The initiative, which will involve a newspaper supplement and a DVD, is to be funded from the remainder of the local authority’s economic development budget.

The agreed budget in the year 2011/12 was £54,378, of which £14,500 still remains. This money has to be spent by the end of the financial year on March 31.

To this end, a total of £12,500 has been set aside for the promotional supplement, which is to be carried in two Northern Ireland daily newspapers. The remaining £2,000 will be used to produce the DVD.

At the latest meeting of the development committee, general mamager of LEDCOM, David Gillespie told councillors that the underspend presented “a good opportunity to highlight Larne as a good place to shop”. He added that the period leading up to the Easter holidays was “a good time to get the message out”.

Members heard that the newspaper supplement would “expand the potential audience to promote Larne outside Northern Ireland”.

Mr Gillespie said the short DVD would be produced in a news report format and feature the chief executives of major local companies, export orientated companies who have located in Larne, and start-up businesses.

Interviews with local dignitaries and celebrities may also be included, and the DVD could also be edited and packaged for inclusion on the council’s website.

Alderman Jack McKee urged members to support the two projects and said: “If we don’t sell ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us. We have to be in it to win it.”

Cllr Winston Fulton added: “Larne is no different from any other town and there are a lot of shops shutting down here. We all know that businesses are struggling, and anything we can do as a council to help local traders we should do.”