‘Build new adult centre in Larne’ - Sinn Fein

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Sinn Fein have called for a new building to be provided for Larne Adult Centre.

East Antrim Oliver McMullan and Larne councillor James McKeown said this week that a replacement is long overdue.

After a recent visit to the facility, Mr McMullan said: “Everyone involved in the running of the centre has to be congratulated on the high standards they continue to achieve, reflected in the number of successful programmes run in the centre, but it is now time for the health departments to realise the present building is not fit for purpose.

“The centre has too many stairways and is dimly lit and is no longer fit for purpose.”

Cllr McKeown added: “Adults with special needs and disabilities are entitled to the same modern centres and facilities as the able bodied sector.”

This can only be achieved through a modern, fit for purpose building and this is why Sinn Fein are calling for a new build for the Adult Day Care Centre.”