Brainstorming session to help improve Larne town centre

The McGarel Town Hall clock tower.
The McGarel Town Hall clock tower.

A civic-minded Ballygally resident is seeking the support of local people in a bid to spruce up Larne town centre.

Andy King is the founder of The Larne Renovation Generation social media page, which was created in order to promote and revitalise the Larne area’s built heritage.

The page provides a forum for the public to discuss what they would like to see happen in the town.

Andy told the Times: “Larne Regeneration Generation is a wee group to stop the stigma which Larne faces from people outside the town.

“I want to start a fight back to improve Larne and get the general public to improve it, instead of waiting for the council.

“There are some great ideas out there.”

Andy’s latest venture involves gathering local people together in a bid to come up with inventive ways of breathing new life into the town centre.

“I had the idea of getting a group of like-minded people together some Sunday for a walk around the town centre with clipboards and pens to do a bit of collective brainstorming,” he added.

“We could then make a dossier of ideas to take to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, local retailers, or even things we could do ourselves that could give the Main Street and surrounding area a bit of a facelift.”

Andy’s social media campaign has already garnered some support, with one eager person posting on Facebook: “I think its the only way to get things done and that’s being by proactive.

“Getting boots on the ground is the way forward.”

Anyone else who is interested in getting involved in Andy’s regeneration initiative can contact him through the Larne Renovation Generation Facebook page.