‘Brad Pitt film scares my chickens’ story has internet a-flutter


A Larne Times exclusive on how Brad Pitt’s Hollywood movie Lost City of Z has “terrified” livestock has got social media all a-flutter.

The story is going viral online, with shots of our front page featuring fires on the set, Brad Pitt and two feathered friends capturing the public imagination.

Sunday Life deputy editor Darwin Templeton called the front page the “headlline of the week,” while social media editor at BBC Newsbeat Felicity Morse commented: “This is a great local story.”

Twitter user Arthur Strain added: “It’s a local paper work of art,” while Irish News correspondent Allison Morris said: “@Larne_Times I salute your genius.”

However, one Facebook user wasn’t amused, writing: “Really the main street being ripped up,shops closing and business getting worse and this makes first page.”

The film, lost City of Z, is being shot on location near Ballygally by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B.

Local residents have shared pictures of explosions at the location, as well as fires billowing smoke.

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