Boy racer on final warning as Larne police ban car

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Police have told reckless drivers to “wise up” after issuing a warning to an antisocial driver in Larne last night (Thursday June 7).

Officers also banned the car being driven on the road due to its condition.

A fortnight ago, the PSNI stated that it was prepared to seize vehicles “causing alarm, distress or annoyance (CADA)” amid reports that reckless driving was causing “much distress” to residents of Larne town centre.

Alongside a picture of a seizure notice, they cautioned: “Two of these warnings in a year and we’ll be seizing your car, aside from whatever motoring offences we can prosecute for.”

Last night, officers on the beat intercepted a vehicle which was “causing alarm, distress or annoyance” in the town.

After issuing a warning to the driver, officers also took the vehicle to Larne police station and banned it from being driven on the road due to its condition.

PSNI officer Sgt Lowry warned: “Please get the message driving in an anti-social manner aggressively accelerating, wheel spinning or the like will not be tolerated.

“Wise up before you hurt someone else or yourself.

“If this driver is caught again within a year we will be seizing his vehicle.

“We also carried out an inspection of the vehicle and due to its condition I have placed a full restriction on the car being driven on a road.

“Which means the driver will have to get a recovery vehicle to move his car from the police station.



‪”#‎wiseup,” he concluded.

‬The action was welcomed by members of the public, who posted messages of support for the police on the PSNI Larne Facebook page.