Barrier at cemetery will remain open due to complaints

The barrier at Greenland cemetery INLT 08-680-CON
The barrier at Greenland cemetery INLT 08-680-CON

Larne Council is to review access at Greenland Cemetery, after elderly people complained they have been unable to gain entry.

A barrier is currently in place at the entrance to the cemetery on Upper Cairncastle Road, with a notice at the gate stating that only motorists who hold disabled (blue) badges are permitted.

However, Alderman Winston Fulton has claimed this system is causing “great distress” for some elderly people, who have been unable to gain access to visit their loved one’s grave.

The DUP representative raised the issue at the latest meeting of the development committee, and said: “The council has a problem at the cemetery. I don’t think the system we have in place has been well received.

“I know of one senior citizen person who went up to the cemetery with her family, but because the driver didn’t have a blue badge, they couldn’t get past the barrier and the older person – who was unable to walk – had to stay in the car while the rest of the family went to the grave.”

“The system is not working.”

Cllr Martin Wilson said there needed to be an “urgent review” of the situation and proposed that the barrier remain open until a new system was introduced.

The proposal was resolved by members.