Banardo’s Larne seeks unwanted Christmas presents

Selfie stick
Selfie stick

Barnardo’s is appealing for all unsuitable Christmas gifts to be donated to its shop in Larne to help transform the lives of the most disadvantaged children in Northern Ireland.

Director Barnardo’s NI Lynda Wilson said: “Many of us may have received a festive gift this year that we didn’t like or was unsuitable. Instead of hiding them in the wardrobe, take them to one of our stores where they can be sold to help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people across NI.

“What better way to start the New Year knowing that your unsuitable gifts will help disadvantaged children and families?”

A new poll for the charity has revealed that 46 per cent of people in Northern Ireland said the selfie stick was the least wanted Christmas gift this year. Musical socks (38 per cent), bathroom scales (34 per cent) and a set of saucepans (25per cent) were also high on the list of unpopular gifts.

The poll found that gifts were deemed ‘unsuitable’ because they weren’t something the person was interested in, they disliked them or the item was the wrong size.