Ban on right turn at ‘the ramp’ could become permanent

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Roads Service has introduced a ban on vehicles turning right at a notorious accident blackspot in Larne.

The junction at Circular Road and the Harbour Highway – known locally as ‘the ramp’ – has long been a source of frustration for many motorists and has been branded the most dangerous junction in the borough by some local councillors.

In response to a number of concerns regarding safety at the junction, Roads Service and the PSNI have discussed a number of measures aimed at tackling the problem.

A Department for Regional Development spokeswoman told the Larne Times: “It has been agreed to proceed with the ban on the right turn movement out on a temporary basis to start with.”

She added that the scheme is now in effect and will be monitored by police over the next six months.

“If successful, the legislation could be made permanent,” the spokeswoman said.

Councillor Drew Niblock, who has been campaigning for the ban to be introduced, said he was “very pleased” at the decision.

The DUP representative added: “I want to pay tribute to the PSNI, and to Inspector Glynis Kirkwood-Nagar in particular, for helping to bring about this ban on turning right at this very dangerous junction.

“Many motorists find the junction confusing, and there is a lack of understanding as to who has right of way.

“There have been a number of accidents at that site in the past, but there have been many more near misses. Something had to be done.

“While it is not the ideal solution and will cause some inconvenience for motorists, the ban is the safest course of action in the interim.

“I feel the introduction of a roundabout is the ideal outcome and I will continue to campaign for this,” Cllr Niblock concluded.