Ballymena courthouse group to be set up

Ballymena Courthouse. INBT02-213AC
Ballymena Courthouse. INBT02-213AC

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council officers are to establish an operational group with officers from the court service to “work through the details of the options” for Ballymena Courthouse, according to council Chief Executive Anne Donaghy.

At a council meeting on August 3, Mrs Donaghy said that council had received a letter from Justice Committee Chair Alastair Ross, thanking them for their submission of evidence to the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Justice.

The council was represented at this event by Alderman Tommy Nicholl and Mayor Billy Ashe.

Mrs Donaghy commented: “Following the submission of evidence I met last week with Senior Civil servants from Court Services including the Head of Court Operations and following the review of the material requested by this council with these officials, and discussing in more detail with them the options and the visions of this council regarding our only remaining courthouse in Mid and East Antrim, that is in Ballymena, and the absolute negative impact it would have on the people of MEA in terms of access to fair representation and justice, we were able to agree an operational group of officers from council and officers from the court side.”

Mrs Donaghy said that the she was due to meet again with court officers in September and that she would discuss the options for the court house and bring back a detailed paper.