Ballylumford harbour repair costs to be ‘substantial

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The cost of repairs to Ballylumford Harbour could be “quite substantial”, it has emerged.

A previous condition survey had indicated it would cost an estimated £750,000 upwards to replace sheet piling at the harbour, which is coming to the end of its 50 year lifespan.

But last month, one of the piers at the harbour collapsed, and engineers have since reported that the corrosion of the sheet piling has worsened considerably in certain areas, with the potential for further collapse.

Part of the harbour has now been closed until further notice.

At the development committee meeting on Monday, director of development Linda McCullough said the council is awaiting an update from engineers regarding the cost of repairs, which she claimed “could be quite substantial”.

However, as the repairs are unlikely to take place this financial year, the council has agreed to transfer £61,000 from the Ballylumford project to allow work to be carried out at Carnlough Harbour.