Award-winning accordion school back after summer break

Clyde Johnston, East Antrim Accordion School.   INCT 09-463-RM
Clyde Johnston, East Antrim Accordion School. INCT 09-463-RM

East Antrim Accordion School has reopened after the summer break with an offer of free lessons for children.

Since opening in 1989, under the direction of Clyde Johnston, the school has gone from strength to strength. Students have enjoyed considerable success in competition at the NI Open Accordion Championships, the All-Ireland Championships in Co Meath and the UK Accordion Championships where they have produced no less than 15 Champions over the years.

Open to all ages, students are taught individually and as a taster for school children the first six lessons are free with no obligation to continue.

Pupils are taught to read music and play both the treble and bass keyboards of this very popular instrument. They can also be prepared for examinations, as set by the British College of Accordionists, compete in various music festivals or simply play for fun.

As well as having Larne recognised as an official British College of Accordionists Examining Centre, Clyde is the college’s Northern Ireland representative and been made a member of the Teachers Advisory Council.

The accordion caters for all types of music including classical, traditional, jazz, country and pop and can be used as a solo instrument, in a duet, as part of a small ensemble or in an accordion orchestra.

Anyone interested in learning to play accordion should contact Clyde at (028) 2827 2258 or 07882456880.