Artist Lauren hangs out at Belfast’s Ulster Museum

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THE work of an up–and–coming Larne artist is currently on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

Lauren Osborne, who studied fine and applied art at the University of Ulster, specialises in the practice of drawing and watercolour. She has previously exhibited in the RDS Dublin and Riverbank Arts Centre, Co Kildare, and her solo show ‘Shadowlands’ at Frame of Mine Gallery, Belfast, ended yesterday (Wednesday).

Lauren said: “I use taxidermy and old photography as a model for my drawings. I strive to make the artificial appear natural, to create work that interacts with viewers on more than one level, work that would not only pique their interest and imagination but also stir their compassion for the lives and deaths of the wondrous creatures depicted in my work.

“I work towards deepening the imagined context, to provoke a sense of curiosity, leaving the connections between unlikely relationships open to interpretation. Characters that, at first glance, appear vulnerable, later suggest they are actually defiant. Disruptive form and design create a dark place where human psychologies and animal behaviour collide and merge.

“I hope to progress my work to a level that may be appreciated as art while also becoming an evocative statement on how mankind co-exists with the animals of this world that inhabited the Earth before us and will probably be here long after we are gone,” she concluded.

Lauren’s work will be on display in the RUA’s 131st annual exhibition at Ulster Museum until November 18.