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Arlene Thompson, Sainbury Try Team member. INLT-11-11-10 600-CON
Arlene Thompson, Sainbury Try Team member. INLT-11-11-10 600-CON

it’s Fairtrade Fortnight, so this week’s indulgent dessert recipe from Arlene Thompson of Sainsbury’s Try team is the perfect way to try out some of these fantastic fairtrade products.

Pretty Little Pots

Serves 4


75g Sainsbury’s Fair-trade dark chocolate

2 medium woodland eggs separated

150ml double cream

½ teaspoon madagascan vanilla extract

1x pack Sainsbury’s Fair-trade Brazil nuts, chopped


1. Melt the chocolate gently with two tablespoons water, stirring continually.

2. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, whisk in two egg yolks, until the chocolate mix is thick and glossy.

3. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and carefully fold into the chocolate mixture.

4. Divide between four glasses and chill for two hours.

5. Whip the cream with the vanilla extract.

6. Top the chocolate pots with the cream and some chopped brazil nuts before serving.

Public health advice is to avoid consumption of raw or lightly cooked eggs, for those who are vulnerable to infection, including pregnant women, babies and the elderly.