Triathlon fundraiser ends in a close shave

Andrew Falconer has his head shaved by challenge victor Vincent McCorry.
Andrew Falconer has his head shaved by challenge victor Vincent McCorry.

Two personal trainers from Larne have gone head to head in a winner-takes-all triathlon to raise money for a worthy cause.

Andrew Falconer and Vincent McCorry of Just Active gym in the town took on the challenge to raise funds for Chest Heart and Stroke in memory of Larne runner, Paul Clements.

The stakes were particularly high for the pair given the loser had to get their head shaved.

It was on a cold Saturday morning in poor weather conditions that they entered the water for a 750m swim in strong currents which proved to be a challenge.

Vincent emerged from the icy water first, jumped on his bike and began his 21k cycle with Andrew not far behind.

A spokesperson said: “The cold harsh winds and rain put our two athletes to the test.

“Vincent, still in the lead, jumped off his bike and began the final leg of the race - a gruelling five-k run. He knew in his head that this was it, the home stretch. Andrew not long behind him knew that this was his last chance to catch Vincent up in the run, and so pushed himself harder and harder until he crossed the line not long after Vincent.

“Wet cold and exhausted, both held their heads high with pride as they knew they had raced and raised money for a great cause, Chest Heart & Stroke’”.

The winner of the challenge, which raised £750, was Vincent McCorry who ho had the pleasure of shaving Andrew’s hair.

Just Active Gym have extended congratulations to the pair for their fundraising efforts and Andrew and Vincent McCorry have thanked everyone for their support and donations.