Switching airports for autobahns this summer?

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Road safety charity the IAM is offering weekly motoring tips from Britain’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger.

This week, he is advising on driving regulations for Germany.

“For instance if you’re off to Germany via France, don’t forget that from 1 July all drivers and motorcyclists need to carry a pack of two disposable breathalysers to keep the gendarmerie happy. The breathalysers must meet NF standards and carry the NF certification,” he said.

n While some autobahns (motorways) are free of speed restrictions this is only on parts of the network. Where there are speed limits posted, they are strictly enforced.

n The drink drive limit is lower in Germany, 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (rather than 80 mg in the UK).

n To park in Germany, you need to buy a blue parking disc (parkscheibe), available at service stations; parking vouchers (parkschein) and parking meters are also common.

n Radar speed camera detectors are illegal in Germany, whether or not you are using them. Penalties include fines of up to €1500.

n During daylight, you must use dipped headlights or daytime running lights if your vision is impaired by fog, snow or rain.

n You should carry a warning triangle, set of bulbs and first aid kit, although these are only compulsory for residents. And don’t forget your GB sticker.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said: “When driving abroad, you need to think about the regulations not only of your final destination, but of the countries you’ll pass through to get there.

To help drivers stay safe and enjoy their driving this summer, the IAM has a new website, drivingadvice.org.uk, with traffic updates, weather forecasts, and driving tips, including: driving abroad, cycling, coping with Olympic congestion, and loading the car for a long journey.