Star Frankie Vaughan on a visit to Larne Boys’ Club

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A large crowd of teenagers gathered outside the front door of Larne Boys’ Club at Exchange Road to await the arrival of singer and film star Frankie Vaughan in October, 1963.

However, the “Give Me The Moonlight” entertainer slipped in unnoticed by the entrance at Main Street.

A report in the East Antrim Times said that the boys and visitors had been impressed by Frankie’s “casual approach and keen interest in club activities” and he “chatted freely and smilingly with no one allowed to feel overawed by his presence”.

Afterwards, Vaughan went on to visit the Old People’s Club nearby and met several members.

Dr George Scott, chairman of the Boys’ Club, said that Frankie was impressed by what he had seen.

“He surprised everyone by saying that the headquarters in England had heard of the Larne club and its fine record”, added Dr Scott.

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