Shark in Carnlough Harbour

A 30ft long basking shark was spotted in Carnlough Harbour in June 1964.

However, the fish drowned after becoming entangled in fishing nets.

Local fishermen freed the creature and were able to move it to the mouth of the harbour where a large crowd gathered to watch the spectacle.

The fishermen blamed the shark’s presence for a shortage of salmon.

Salmon had been on sale at 12s 6d per pound.

Meanwhile, there was a dramatic rescue at Portmuck where coastguard Edward Greene assisted by Islandmagee man James Stitt had to descend 80 ft down a cliff face to rescue seven youths who had become trapped in a cave by the tide.

The pair managed to lift the youths to safety.

The rescue took place during the early hours of the morning at The Gobbins.

The youths had been climbing around the cliff face when they became trapped.

Local farmer Thomas Woodside had contacted the coastguard station.

Mr. Woodside said: “It took just ten minutes for Greene and Stitt to descend the cliff face but three hours to bring all seven to the top again.”