Schools use eating disorder website as valuable teaching resource

SCHOOLS from across Northern Ireland and the world have been using the Northern Trust’s eating disorder website as a valuable teaching resource.

An after school club based in Colorado in America used the resource to help students with eating disorder projects.

The school made contact with the Trust through the site to say “thank you” for the help it provided.

The website has been developed by Stamp-ED and the Northern Trust’s eating disorder team.

Since the site’s launch in December 2011 it has attracted over 1,500 unique visitors.

Imelda McLeod, Northern Trust manager for the eating disorder team, said: “We were delighted to hear from the group in United States.

“A lot of work has been put into the site and it is fantastic to hear that it is being used in such a setting.

“Our primary aim has always been to raise the profile of eating disorder and its impact, not only on the sufferer, but also for the family.

“We hope that this will encourage people to seek help more quickly, when the condition is more treatable.

“The earlier eating disorder can be identified, the quicker treatment can be started, and the greater likelihood of a full recovery.

“If someone has had an eating disorder, they can relapse again, particularly during a stressful period. If they have received help and treatment before, they can identify their own personal signs and symptoms, and prevent a major relapse.”

The eating disorder website is accessible at

The website provides information about eating disorders, symptoms to look out for, how to get help and dates for support group meetings.

The Northern area eating disorder support group meets on the first Monday of every month at First Presbyterian Church Hall, Meeting House Avenue, Ballymena from 7pm to 9pm.

The meeting is open to anyone within the Northern Trust area who has an eating disorder, past or present, and their friends or family.

For more details, visit the site at or contact the Trust’s eating disorder team on 028 9441 3307.