Schools to open to community during summer holidays

Four Larne primary schools were to open their doors to the community during the summer holidays in 1968.

They were among 26 schools in Co Antrim to open for a five-week period.

Facilities to be made available inluded playgrounds, playing fields and gyms.

A teacher was to be paid to be in charge of each school and a crossing patrolman was also to be on duty.

Director of education Dr. Robert Dickson said that the neighbourhood scheme would cost £3,500 to operate.

He indicated that funding had been made available after the education committee withdrew grants of £5 which had been allocated previously to children travelling on h0liday to Great Britain and the Continent.

Through the community scheme, children would be able to play in a school which was open in their area.

Participating secondary schools were to provide activities including canoeing; hill-walking and fishing.

Mr. Dickson added: “This year’s education committee has said that we should make full use of our schools and playing fields. Instead of being locked, they are being thrown open to take children off the streets.”