Plant prepared hyacinth bulbs now for a festive show

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

Now is the time to plant hyacinths to flower at Christmas.

This bulb will flower on the run -up to Christmas and over the festive period, filling our homes with a beautiful fragrance. Prepared bulbs, specially treated to flower in December, are in the garden centre now.

Unprepared bulbs will flower at the normal time, in late March to early April.

Once you have chosen your prepared hyacinth, plant into a pot slightly larger than the bulb, using Westland bulb compost. Water the compost well and place in a cool dark place where the bulb will start to produce roots.

Check the bulbs for water every 10 days and protect from vermin if required.

By late November the bulb will have developed a strong root system and a shoot. Bring the pots into the light and heat. The shoots will turn from yellow to green and start to grow. The bulbs can be allowed to develop for Christmas, or if you have a Christmas bowl you would like to use, replant the bulbs into the bowl and add some moss.

To keep hyacinths flowering into the New Year plant more bulbs every 2–3 weeks.