Passengers were fumigated at Larne harbour in 1967

Disease control restrictions were imposed at Larne harbour in a bid to halt the spread of the Foot and Mouth epidemic from Britain to Northern Ireland.

According to a report in the East Antrim Times, in 1967, the Antrim Coast was “particularly vulnerable”, according to the divisional veterinary officer Donald Shaw.

This was said to have been due to traffic passing through a highly infectious area of England.

Vehicles had to be disinfected on arrival at Larne harbour and passengers were warned about the need for disinfection when they disembarked.

Passengers were required to walk over a disinfected mat although those who had been in contact with British livestock were requested to have a “special sulphur Turkish bath”.

This involved standing upright in a box and fumigated with sulphur gas.

Mr Shaw said the country faced a “grave situation” and warned that a “heavy responsibility” fell on anyone who had any contact with the livestock industry. Buyers in England were told they should not attend local markets.