Orange anger over Larne arch attack

A pot of green paint made a group of Orangemen see red following an attack on a Twelfth arch at Newington Avenue in July 1964.

The incident occurred shortly after the arch had been brought out of storage.

When off-duty AEI factory workers went to erect the arch, they discovered it had been “extensively daubed” with green paint.

A similar incident had occurred the previous year.

Meanwhile, Larne Borough Council discussed a letter which had been received by an alderman from Greater London Council.

Alderman Christian explained that, encouraged by a booklet published by the tourist board, he had been visiting Northern Ireland for a holiday with his family.

“On a Sunday, whilst trying to find somewhere to have a cup of coffee, we approached Larne.

“On the outskirts of the town, we were greeted by a sign saying ‘No Pope here’. I immediately turned the car and headed westwards.”

Alderman Christian asked how Larne Borough Council could allow such a sign to remain. Town surveyor Cecil Walker said that he intended to make a sign screening the junction with climbing plant