Make your garden safe this summer

Summer is finally here and for many people, that means relaxing in the garden, soaking up the sun and tending to the vegetable patch or flower beds.

To make the most of the sunny days and avoid any mishaps, Age NI Enterprises is urging people in East Antrim to take some simple safety precautions in the garden.

“Simple, preventative measures like clearing away tools after use, taking extra care when lifting or keeping pathways clear can improve your garden safety. If you regularly use your garden in the evening, make sure you have sufficient lighting,” said Ron Warwick, General Manager at Age NI Enterprises.

“For extra peace of mind you could keep either a personal alarm or a mobile phone with you. These devices can give you the reassurance that should anything happen while you’re on your own and you need to call for help, support is available at the touch of a button.”

With the Age NI Personal Alarm Service people can get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It helps older people who live on their own retain their independence, and it also gives family, friends and neighbours peace of mind about their loved ones.

For further information about the Age NI Personal Alarm Service, please contact Age NI Enterprises on freephone 0808 100 4545 or visit 10 College Street, Belfast, BT1 6BT to speak to a colleague in person.

You can also find lots of useful guidance about falls prevention online at