‘Lorries causing sleepless nights’ on Exchange Road

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A number of residents on Exchange Road claimed that heavy lorries were causing a number of problems for them in February 1965.

The residents claimed that the lorries were disturbing their sleep, shaking their houses and causing their ceilings to collapse.

The traffic was said to come from the harbour, using the road as a short-cut.

One concerned resident said: “These lorries are terrible. Almost two years ago I heard a noise in the front room and found the ceiling had come down. At present their are cracks in a number of rooms upstairs. All of this has been caused by the lorries.”

The woman also said that both her and her husband’s sleep had been disturbed by the vehicles, the majority of which come through the night.

Another resident said that three ceilings in her home had come down. These were in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Other residents complained of cracked ceilings and the noise of the lorries, but not all were satisfied that the heavy vehicles were the cause of the trouble.

A council official said the council had plans to reconstruct the whole of the road.