Looking back... Public give thumbs down to one-way town centre traffic

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Results from a survey were announced in May 2001, which indicated that people wanted Larne’s two-way traffic system to be restored.

It was revealed in a Roads Service survey that an overwhelming number of people were in favour of reverting back to the original system.

A massive 94 per cent wanted two-way traffic to return on the stretch of Main Street between Lower Cross Street and Broadway.

Added to this, 76 per cent mentioned a requirement to provide a right-turn from Main Street into Broadway. This had not been included in the Roads Service’s proposals.

Local Assembly member Roger Hutchinson called on the Roads Service to act quickly and to revert back to the two-way system.

He said: “It’s now time to move on this issue. The people have again given their answer on the logical and desperately needed return of original traffic flow in Larne.

“Let’s get this system in place now and enable the commercial sector of the town to benefit from it. We need to send out a message to all those people who have gone to shop elsewhere. Larne is open for business and is the friendly accessible town we all want visitors to see.”