Looking back... Police issue warning over counterfeit notes being used

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Police officers in Larne issued a warning about counterfeit money circulating in the seaside town in March 1995.

A spokesman from the Royal Ulster Constabulary explained that good quality reproductions of £20 and £50 notes had been discovered in the region.

The spokesman said: “A warning was recently issued in the Ballymena area and the problem has now spread to here to Larne.

“Counterfeit £20 notes have been used in a number of business premises in the Larne region.

“We would renew our advice to businesses to use all the detection methods which are available to them.

“These include the use of ultra violet light equipment and detector pens.

“Staff should be kept fully briefed on this type of criminal activity.”

The spokesman added that the bulk of the fake notes that were in circulation had originated in England.

It was believed at the time of writing that after the notes were produced across the water, they were then sold to a number of local criminals in the east Antrim area, where they were then used in a number of unsuspecting stores.