Looking back... New dressing rooms for Larne

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Larne FC was set to have new dressing rooms by the start of 2002, it was announced in June 2001.

Chairman Sam McCready was looking to the future with a degree of optimism.

He said the work would have been almost completed, had he not decided to put the greater need of the local community before the club.

He said: “As has been well documented, the residents of Isle Court have been flooded out on an almost annual basis for years when the tributaries running into the River Inver were gorged during the winter.

“Consequently, the club was approached by the Rivers Agency regarding work they wanted to carry out to culvert the various rivers.

“We explained we’d plans to build dressing rooms, but in the light of their revelations about the importance and urgency of their work, we readily agreed that the needs of the residents must have priority.”