Looking back... Jobs secure after meeting at Glenarm seafood firm

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It appeared that jobs were secure at a Glenarm firm in April 1980.

It seemed that jobs in jeopardy at the Seafoods Plant in Glenarm were secure after a meeting was held between the firm’s directors and LEDU officials.

The plant’s manager, Miss Belle Thompson, said she understood the directors were “very pleased” with the offer they had been made which was believed to have been in the nature of a package to improve conditions at the factory and provide funds for new machinery, which it was claimed was badly needed.

Miss Thompson said she believed the firm had been given everything they asked for and felt that the 30 jobs were secure.

A spokesperson for LEDU said they could not release details of the package, but believed they achieved a satisfactory outcome.

Meanwhile, also in April 1980, around 5,000 Junior Orangemen were set to converge on Larne for their annual Easter Tuesday demonstration.

Junior Lodges from all over the Belfast county were set to march in the town, from the train station to the field at Sandy Bay. The marchers were to be accompanied by bands from the district.