Looking back... ‘Hangers on’ clash with police following Juvenile parade

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A number of clashes and disturbances took place after the Junior Orange parade on Easter Tuesday in April 1986.

The parade had passed off peacefully in Larne, but clashes occurred at the town’s railway station.

The police had to intervene after fights between “drunken hangers on” took place while passengers were waiting for the train to Belfast.

After the police officers intervened, they came under attack as youths threw stones and bottles.

Once the train set off, 85 windows were smashed and chairs were ripped up and thrown through.

When the train got to Magheramorne some of the youths jumped through the windows and attempted to get lifts from passing cars. A number of eye witnesses said that the officers had drawn their plastic bullet guns, but the police said that no baton rounds had been used or aimed. There were 10 arrests on the day. Superintendent Adrian Ringland said: “The parade itself went very smoothly and the young Orangemen couldn’t be blamed for the trouble which occurred. Only two of those arrested came from Larne. The damage was done by followers just here for trouble.”