Larne volunteers sought to record signs of the season

Submitted image. (pic credit: Ben Lee).
Submitted image. (pic credit: Ben Lee).

Woodland Trust is appealing to Larne folk to ‘fall for autumn’ and record natural seasonal signs in their community.

The charity wants local nature lovers to get outdoors and share what they see.

By recording natural seasonal signs, thousands of people have enabled the Trust’s Nature’s Calendar to become a leading UK survey into how plants and wildlife respond to weather and climate. However, according to the charity, records from Northern Ireland are relatively scarce, in comparison with other parts of the UK.

Patrick Cregg, director of the Woodland Trust and says: “Your records, no matter how few, will make a valuable contribution to research, helping to show how nature is affected by weather and a changing climate.

“Signs of autumn include fruit ripening – keep an eye on the likes of hawthorn, blackthorn and holly. You really don’t have to be an expert; you can even record the date of your last lawn cut.”

The new Nature’s Calendar website is now live. People can now add pictures with their records and log specific locations. To get your recording underway, visit