Larne fireman’s bravery commended

The bravery of a Larne fireman who rescued a youth from a 60 ft cliff was highly commended by the Northern Ireland Authority in July 1960.

The Fire Authority said that he had carried out this manoeuvre with “complete disregard for his own safety”.

The fire commander read a report from the RUC which paid tribute to the “courage and determination” displayed by Perry in blustery weather conditions.

The Fire Authority called for Mr. Perry’s actions to be given public recognition.

Meanwhile, uniforms for the emergency services were being produced at a factory in Larne.

The Yorkshire-based Horseshoe Linen Company which had a factory at Inver had a contract to produce clothing for the RUC and police forces across the United Kingdom.

The workforce also produced uniforms for postal workers. and the company manufactured linen items.

The company also manufactured “Lady of Larne” knitting wools.